About us

For forty years we have been focusing on the construction of fishing wobblers and the catching of predatory game fish. Our expertise comes from countless hours spent on the water studying the biology and behavior of fish and their prey.

Our in-depth knowledge has enabled us to develop and construct plugs which predatory game fish find particularly attractive, wobblers with „that certain something”! Our wobbler performance is superior to many other similar products on today’s market, able to outwit fish and prompt them to commit to especially aggressive bites. Curiosity grabs them as they recognize potential prey and strike with purpose and determination.

These exceptional properties have been developed through years of enthusiastic testing, guaranteeing every wobbler is thought through and tuned to the finest detail. We leave nothing to chance. Every wobbler is produced completely in our own workshop, where we pay closest attention to handcrafted details.

Yet, performance excellence is not enough for us. We have made it our goal to ensure that our products are sustainable. No additional plastics should land in our lakes and rivers, so we have chosen to use only renewable resources. From the start it was clear to us wood was the only material that came into question. We are careful to avoid all toxic plasticizers in our paint coatings, providing you with a product that is not only excellent at catching fish but also extremely compatible with the environment.